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Ensō Grammars

I have not had much time to write about Ensō recently, because I’ve been too busy building Ensō. Bruno Oliveira visited last week and we worked out some interesting new ideas for transforming circular structures. There are cases where the input is circular, the output is circular, and also when the operation itself is circular […]

Ensō Data

The foundation of the Ensō programming model is the representation and manipulation of data. We are borrowing ideas from database and information modeling, and turning that into a data structuring mechanism that makes sense in a programming language. When you think of data structures as mini databases some interesting things can happen. Most importantly, it […]

Ensō Introduction

I know that this is just a teaser, but it is the introduction of the paper on Ensō that Tijs and I are writing. If you want to know more or see the code, let me know. Ensō is a theoretically sound and practical reformulation of the concepts of model-driven software development. Ensō is based […]

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