Monthly Archives: November 2011

Viewpoints Research Trip

I visited Viewpoints Research Institute last week and talked with Alan Kay and his team. I presented an overview of Enso, including the concept of managed data, schemas, web applications, security, diagrams and stencils. One point of confusion was my frequent reference to “data”. The VPRI people do not talk about data much. My impression […]

Channel 9 video

I talked with Channel 9 about Enso, Batches, partial evaluation, Orc, while I was at SPLASH.  

Domain-Specific Languages

Freddy Mallet asks what is the difference between an Executable Specification Language and a Domain-Specific Language. They are clearly closely related, but I think there are some differences that are significant. The main problem, from a purely technical viewpoint, is that being “domain specific” is, by itself, not sufficient to ensure that a language is […]

Executable Specification Languages

We believe that a new software development paradigm is struggling to be born. It appears in many guises and contexts, under many names, and is as yet still unformed and incomplete. We are not surprised at the struggles, for we do not believe that paradigms arise from a single blinding flash of insight, but rather […]

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